January 02, 2005

Death By Malaria

I would be perfectly content with dying after eating some tainted blowfish meat. I would even be fine with going out in a fiery plane crash. But I'll be damned if I go out by malaria. I just ain't having that shit.

So we have these pills (100mg proguanil) that you take two of daily, and another set of pills (250mg chloroquine phosphate) that you take two of weekly. You keep taking the pills by this schedule until 4 weeks after returning from the Philippines.

Now, my question is why didn't they just make the pills twice as big and just have you take 1 at a time? I figure it's because the Philippines' case of malaria is just so hardcore that in most normal, malaria-stricken countries, you only need to take one. But here, you have to take two. That's how hardcore it is. But yet not hardcore enough for my death like death by blowfish or death by fiery plane crash... now those are some hardcore deaths.


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